Entering stage two

It has now been almost a month since this project went live. My goals for July were to build up a social following and organic traffic. Here is how it has worked out so far. 

  • Instagram - I have reached almost 300 followers in one month which is much than I expected. This is completely organic, I was simply posting tea pics once a day. As a side effect, I have discovered the world of #instatea with its beautiful and inspiring tea imagery
  • Facebook - over 100 followers and finally some engagement on my posts. The easiest way to start building traffic to a Facebook page  is by sharing with friends and this I couldn't do as I'm reluctant to let my friends know that I'm working on this. I managed to build the following by joining groups and promoting posts. Here again, I'm amazed by the richness of the tea community
  • Pinterest - total failure. No traction at all
  • Organic - four pages of teapster have been indexed by Google but their ranking is very poor and teapster doesn't even show on SERP when someone types the sites name

In stage two my goal will be to send more traffic to the site. I will choose two most successful blog posts and promote them on Facebook and Google. 

Wish me luck!