Trying advertising on Pinterest

For a few days I have been trying advertising on Pinterest.

There are a few reasons for that:

* research shows that this is the social network with a high ratio of my target buyer personas (women, more than 25 years old, interested in health)

* cost per click is generally lower than on other social networks / on Google

* Pinners are supposed to have a high purchasing intent as Pinterest is a social network which is less "social" and more a place to discover things, almost a marketplace

So far, I have spent a bit more than 50 EUR and received some traffic (around 250 clicks) at a low cost but there have been no sessions that ended on the checkout page, not even the cart page.

Over the past few days I have made the following adjustments:

* initially I was sending traffic to a blog post - I started sending traffic to a product page instead

* I added a buy button to the blog post

* I renamed "Collections" as "Buy oolong tea" (also good for SEO)

* I have added variants to my product page to show cost for 100g and 250g

I will keep the ads running for a few more days and keep making adjustments.

Wish me luck!