Micro conversions and the Google algorithm

Since the launch of the store, I have tried advertising on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram with no visible results.

The one thing that really seems to be generating orders for me is Google search ads.

The most exciting part about Google search ads is that I can target exactly the people who have the problem that I'm trying to solve, people who are specifically looking for oolong tea or for a natural weight loss tea.

The second most exciting part is its self-learning algorithms. I have created a multitude of ads and multitude of keywords but not all of them are working. Google's algorithm (I called him Fernando) takes into account my goal and adapts the campaigns to make sure that my goal can be reached.

For instance, if people who live in Cork are more likely to buy tea at 4p.m. on weekdays, that's when Fernando will show them most of the ads.

However, an early-stage business like mine doesn't get many orders, just a few per week. That's why I have set up micro-conversions to guide Fernando in his actions: visiting a product page is a conversion, adding product to cart is one etc. Each conversion has a monetary value assigned to it. Whenever I change something, Fernando goes back to school and needs to learn everything anew so I should probably stop making frequent changes. Despite that, I can see that he is progressing over time and that my ads' performance is steadily improving.