Teapster mission and values

Teapster was born to make the world a better place... one teacup at a time

Teapster core values:

Respect the planet

  • we strip the packaging to the bare minimum - it might not be pretty but it's better for our planet for sure!
  • for each order made we donate 0.50 EUR to water.org

Love our customers

  • we strive to obtain the best quality tea at the best price
  • we attach a hand-written note with tea-steeping advice to each order

Care about our team

  • Teapster is a female-founded business and was built on the premise that there will never be a glass ceiling or any other form of discrimination of women in the company

How to contact Teapster

To contact Teapster, simply write at teapster.en@gmail.com 

Physical address:


68 chemin de St Maymes, 06160 Antibes, France