Teapster is live on social media

Teapster is having a busy week.

Having attended an inspiring class about digital marketing a few weeks ago, I started building the Teapster digital marketing strategy.

To do so, I started with a netnographic research, which means I spent hours looking at Instagram and Pinterest profiles of people interested in tea. I came up with a few conclusions:

  • my target persona is a woman
  • she's smart and beautiful
  • loves traveling
  • she's into healthy lifestyle, vegan / vegetarian food
  • she cares about social causes: environment, animal rights
  • she's serious about her health and interested in sports and dieting

This allowed me to build my buyer persona profile and I start having an understanding of what I could be posting on social media to attract this persona.

Also, as I have noticed the site was not showing in Google's search results (at all!), I set up to add a sitemap to Google Search Console.