Using the smart campaigns by Google

I launched the Google Ads and Google Shopping Ads at the beginning of September and have so far see mitigated results.

As I can only consecrate very little time to Teapster I couldn't spend hours optimizing the campaigns. I was just switching them on and off all the time to no avail.

The campaigns brought the total of three orders over two months which is not awe-inspiring to say the least.

Then, suddenly, I discovered the Smart Campaigns. They are much easier to set up and to monitor and... they brought in results!

For the first time, my ROAS from the campaigns is positive which means they are profitable. And I received two orders in just three days!

Whereas there is a lot left for me to do as far as Teapster's overall profitability goes, I am now confident that I have identified the right marketing channel. Once the profitability confirms itself, I will be able to grow the ad spend and from then on... the sky is the limit :)