Lavender Earl Grey Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

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Chinese wisdom meets Provence... Combine the health benefits of Oolong tea with the relaxing, soothing effects of lavender. 

This oolong tea is incredibly mild and gentle. The addition of the bergamot oil and lavender makes it even more velvety and brings in slight bitterness and citrus notes.

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What is oolong tea?

All the types of tea are made from the leaves of the same plant (Camellia Sinensis or the tea plant) and differ only in the ways of processing.

Contrary to the green tea which is not oxidized and the black tea which is fully oxidized, oolong is partially oxidized. Oolong is mainly produced in the Fujian provice of China and in Taiwan. Almost all of the tea production of Taiwan is that of oolong tea.

Many health benefits are attributed to this type of tea including its help with weight loss.

Frequently asked questions

What are the oolong tea health benefits?

The most commonly observed benefits are: reducing bad cholesterol levels, reducing fatigue, reducing the risk of heart disease, enhancing concentration, help with weight loss. Read here for more oolong health benefits.

Does oolong tea help with weight loss?

The Chinese have known oolong tea by more than three centuries and always considered it as helping with weight control. Recent research seems to confirm these claims.

How to infuse oolong tea?

You can check this blog post for the classic Chinese way of infusing oolong tea. In a nutshell, it can be infused multiple times and each subsequent infusion liberates different aromas and tastes.

First infusion

The first infusion has a mellow honey-like colour and light jasmin notes. It leaves a pleasant citrus taste that lasts long after tea is gone.

Second infusion

This oolong's second infusion is arguably slightly more bitter. The citrus notes are also more prominent. It's colour is darker and colder, somewhere between green and brown. 

Cold brew

This oolong suits itself perfectly for a cold brew (you should cover the leaves with water at ambient temperature and leave for about half an hour). It gives a wonderful light green color with shades  of gold. The taste is dominated by the refreshing citrus notes.

Customer Reviews

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Very natural

The tea has a delicate flavour. I particularly enjoyed the tea with the lavender added. A very pleasant experience as it appeared to be very natural. I haven't finished it all yet but do intend to get more in the next couple of months.

Thank you so much Carol!